Below is a general listing of the basic partnership levels and a few of their benefits for supporting ASF Adaptive Sport events and athletes.

Community Partners

Includes other non-profit organizations or associations, schools, churches, youth groups, veteran groups, and volunteer organizations. Having a diverse network of partners creates more awareness, interest, and support for all organizations involved.

Community partners are granted the following privileges:

  • Endless cooperative event opportunities between organizations
  • Assistance and support in event planning and fund raising for your organization through ASF events and athletes
  • Banner/Literature display at ASF sponsored events
  • Free advertising on ASF and affiliate websites

Industry Partners

Businesses in the action sports industry who want to show their support through ASF, its websites, or sponsoring ASF athletes. All contributions are tax-deductible, and donors will receive a thank you letter and donation receipt promptly upon receipt of their contribution.

  • Opportunity to promote your product or service on ASF website and ASF sponsored events
  • Free listing in Industry Partners section of ASF and affiliate websites
  • Special invitations to attend ASF events and functions
  • Banner/product display at ASF events
  • Discounts on partner products and services

Affiliate Partnerships

For local associations, clubs, and other groups of sport participants. We are here to help you preserve your riding spots, obtain new ones, and raise the fun factor a few notches!

  • Assistance in structuring or crating your club to benefit the local riders
  • Increased communication and support through our websites.
  • Opportunity to organize local ASF sponsored events, clinics, and programs
  • Support to restore, preserve, and increase access at your local spots
  • Discounts on partner organization products and services

Instructor/ Athlete Partnerships

Without our network of athletes and instructors, all of this wouldn't be possible! If you are an instructor in an action sport or an athlete

  • Free listing on ASF affiliate websites and publications
  • Positive public exposure for yourself or business through participation in ASF events and clinics
  • Discounts on partner organization products and services

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