simability racing league

Start Your Engines, Race Fans!

If you're a fan of racing, or just want to give it a try, we'd like you to know about our friends the Simability Racing League on the iRacing Online Simulator.
We are truly honored to get involved with the premiere adaptive iRacing community, and have some awesome ways for you to not only give it a try, but to join the Simability crew in live races!
If you're thinking it's not possible for you to operate a racecar simulator, let me introduce you to our little friend here that is a fully functioning adaptive hand control system for iRacing. We are incredibly excited to have a few adapted steering wheels, and can't wait for YOU to try it!

What is iRacing and How Do I Start?

Here's some basic info about the platform & getting started on the iRacing Simulator. Their website is a great resource with various guides and tutorials, and online you'll find thousands of videos, Facebook Groups, Buy, Sell, & Trade groups, etc.


  • iRacing is a PAID service and first-time users can get a yearly membership for around $60.00.
  • The basic membership includes quite a few cars and tracks to test, race, upgrade, etc. The paid upgrades and cars are endless, but the basic membership is plenty to get the full experience.
  • You'll need a good computer to use, and either a desk or a portable wheel stand to hold the wheel. The iRacing site has a "system checker" to see if your computer is suitable. A gaming-oriented computer and components is ideal, but that can get expensive very fast.