I wanted to share this opportunity with our small business friends to do something really cool, get some (seriously) positive press for your business, and even help your SEO at the same time. It's a lot of info to relay, so I created page for it & hope it sparks your interest in "doing some good in the neighborhood".  

So here's a little about us and what we do...We are a 100% volunteer organization, and throwing the first ever ASF Adaptive Sports Jam with all the pros coming together to coach & hang out with the kids & families of the sport. Keep in mind, all of these people are disabled, so throwing an event like this involves getting the pros, kids and families all in one place, all at one time. Our goal is to help out Team riders get here (financially) so they can show up & be that "action sports hero" for those kids & families- that's all that matters to these guys- to make life better for the next generation of wheelchair users.
This event is also the USA's "big" WCMX national event for the year, and quite likely putting St. Pete on the map for hosting a future WCMX World Championship. These awesome athletes are the ones paving the road for future WCMX and Adaptive Skate paralympic competition, and continued growth of adaptive action sports and fitness on a grass-roots level.

Here's a great video showing one of our WCMX clinics, where we host various groups at the skatepark, and award new members with all the the necessary safety gear, training, and professional coaching they need to get into the sport. The parents also get hands-on training in being a wheelchair "PUSHER" and coach for their child. We've worked with some of these kids/ parents for a few years, and their confidence & happiness just soars- just by being part of something like this. We teach them mobility, personal fitness, and the whole family has fun doing it.  And then it becomes a lifestyle & they're seeking out skateparks for family outings- it's truly awesome to see them progressing and enjoying something they never imagined they could do. Ask any parent what they think of any WCMX Pro, and they will more than likely call them "angels". As I said, this is how the sport works- we all built it that way, and that is the future we're asking you to support.....


Let's Get Down To Business-

We're inviting you to help sponsor these adaptive athletes/kids/ families to attend this event, and here’s what we’re going to do for you in return-

1. Your company/ brand will be included in a “shoutout video” from the athletes thanking your company for their supportting our events and programs.
2. A featured listing in our ASF Partners Business Directory with photos & backlinks to your site. (sample listing below)
3. A very-sharable “feel good” article on our website about your company’s support of our adaptive sports athletes and programs.
4. An ASF Program Sponsor badge for your website
5. Many thank you’s/ shoutouts on social media from ASF and the athletes
6. Thank you at event, in event video credits, etc.
7. And whatever else we can do to help you as we grow this Meaningful Marketing concept. These people are appreciative & serious about thanking/ rewarding you. They’re more social-media/ Web savvy than most, and we’re better than the average “web guys”, we are working together for you. This is our new system to support those who support us.

 This is how we are going to fund our events and programs, nationwide. As you see, we are creating the next-level in positive placement (and priceless P.R.) for your business, for a great cause. We're redefining the net worth of your advertising dollars. “Meaningful Marketing” is something that even the best SEO and Social Media Marketing Experts simply can’t offer.
It has to be created somewhere, and we just built somewhere...

Now you can put your webmaster to work with (all of the above), and implementing it into your current marketing strategy. Their SEO toolbox just got a lot bigger too, & I’m just touching on the basics here.
We have a whole world of opportunity with this format, as do you…
More important than all of that, is the feeling knowing you helped make the magic happen.  It’s why I “do what I do” and started this charity 12 years ago & why I worked to create a system like this to bring great people & businesses together and reward them for doing even greater things for other people- in the communities we live and work in every day.

Note- This is not yet listed on our sponsor pages below, just enter "other", your sponsorship amount, and "Contractor" in the notes section of the donation form.If you are interested in helping & on a budget, we can set up the annual sponsorship on a monthly recurring donation basis to ASF Adaptive Sports.

Let’s do this, contractor friends!

-Steven Sadler
Founder, Action Sports Foundation

Single Event Sponsorship with 1 month of Meaningful Marketing- 300.00
Annual Sponsorship for all events/ clinics with 1 yr. of Meaningful Marketing- 1000.00
Lifetime Program Partner- 5000.00

Donate Here

1Tax-Deduction Notice- Our 501c-3 reinstatement is completed & we will provide tax-deductable donation receipts soon after the Gov’t. decides to gets back to work and mails it to us.
Action Sports Foundation, Inc. DBA ASF Adaptive Sports is a 100% volunteer organization and operates in accordance with all IRS rules and regulations for exempt-operating organizations, with an original 501c3 exemption date of 8-24-07.

Thanks for your support!


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