If you're thinking about getting into "extreme" adaptive sports such as WCMX, you'll need a suitable wheelchair and a few pieces of safety equipment. Here's some basic information on safety equipment to help you know what you need to get started learning safely. Depending on the riders' disability type, other safety gear may be recommended or required.

Wheelchairs For WCMX

Wheelchairs built for tricks or extreme riding are built with a rigid welded main frame, and have a suspension system to absorb the impact of huge drops. A seatbelt is also necessary to keep the rider firmly planted in the seat at all times. 



Helmets For WCMX/ Skatepark Riding

We recommend only using a full-face motorcycle helmet, as it offers the best impact protection. "Faceplants" are a reality in WCMX, so get yourself the best protection you can. The helmet fit should be "very snug", even without the chinstrap hooked, as a loose fitting helmet could cause injury during a crash. ASF Adaptive Sports members are happy to help you find the right equipment, just give us a shout!


Knee and Elbow Protection

WCMX riders should also wear skateboarding-type knee and elbow pads, such as the ones shown. The ideal knee and elbow protection will have large plastic caps over lots of padding. Most will pull up over the knee or elbow, and also have straps to help keep them in place. Our recommendation is to buy a high quality brand such as ProTec or Rector, they use better, more durable plastics, better stitching, and will generally last a lifetime. You can find them at your local skateboarding shop (support locals!) or find them online on sites like Amazon.



gloveA pair of gloves is a good idea for WCMX riding, offering hand and finger protection and help prevent chafing from the wheels when braking. The type of gloves are personal prefernce and offer different levels of protection, but most kinds of cycling, weightlifting, and motorcycling type gloves will work pretty well for WCMX.



Body Armor MTB Jacket

Here is the absolute best body protection we have found for WCMX!WCMX Its a full body armor jacket with padding in all the right places and a "turtle shell" back plate for the ultimate spine protection. The pads are mounted on a lightweight mesh jacket that can go either over your clothes, or wearing a jersey or tshirt on top.

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