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2019 ASF Adaptive Sports Jam Recap

ASF Adaptive Sports Jam

The 2019 ASF Adaptive Sports Jam was a first-of-its-kind adaptive sports event that took place in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida this past weekend. We partnereed up with our west-coast family, SoCal WCMX, to throw down an amazing weekend packed full of WCMX, Adaptive Skateboarding, live music, and more! We knew this event would be a hit, but WOW, we have been overwhelmed with positive feedback and support from the community!
The event took place at the brand new St. Pete Skatepark, which is one of the largest skateparks on the East coast of the US, built by our friends over at Team Pain Skateparks. This skatepark was a perfect venue for an adaptive event, as practically all of the park is accessible by wheelchair & connected to the hotel next door by a sidewalk. Great job by the City of St. Petersburg working with the action sports community to help revitalize the Campbell Park area.

Practice day for the event was Friday, Feb 15th and the athletes had a chance to check out the park and plan some lines for their runs. With the hotel being next door, it was quick & easy to go grab a session and rest at the hotel for round two.

The main event took place on Saturday, with setup beginning at 8:00 A.M. The skatepark itself is massive and already has a great layout, and adding a few kickers & rails really opened up the opportunities for radness.

2017 WCMX World Championship Recap

2017 WCMX World Championship Recap

ASF and the Florida WCMX crew had the opportunity to visit the 2017 RISE WCMX World Championships held at Alliance Action Park in Irving, Texas last weekend. The chance to cheer on our own local heroes Tony Torres, Justin Beauchasne, Jerry Diaz, and Cody Appleton just couldn't be missed, and it was GAME ON to get to Texas! This opportuinity arose at the last minute, and RISE was kind enough to offer us a booth to help spread the word about Action Sports Foundation and our efforts for the adaptive sports community. We can't thank them enough for their help, they're truly a first-class organization and their adaptive sport programs are as good as it gets.
 We flew out to Dallas Airport and rented a SUV to get around town, and all I can say is WOW, Texas is huge! The airport itself is 30 square miles and the tram driver told us he puts 100,000 miles a year on those trams, never leaving the airport property! We arrived on Thursday and had time to check out the skatepark where the event was being held. It's called Alliance Action Park, and was also HUGE to go along with everything else in Texas! There were 2 different riding areas packed with various ramps, rails, and roll ins and the contest area was in the covered section called The Hangar. It was a cool setup and had lots of variety, including a nice wooden bowl built into the top deck. The foam pit had been covered up and turned into a landing zone for the mega ramp, which worked out great after The Alliance crew built a small extension so the younger kids could hit it too.
 So after checking out the park, we went back to the hotel and the lobby was already buzzing with kids in wheelchairs- a sign of a fun & crazy weekend ahead at the Hilton! LOL I think the staff were a bit shocked at all the craziness, but also enjoyed the entertainment from the kids being kids- it was hilarious!

Here's a video from the event- 

2017 WCMX World Championship Results